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Django Suit

Modern theme for Django admin interface
Django Suit screenshot


  • Modern and professional design
  • Improved list filters
  • Sorting for list and inlines
  • Menu configuration & search
  • Useful CSS/JS addons
  • Based on Twitter Bootstrap
  • Simple installation
  • No 3rd-party requirements
  • 3rd-party app support: django-cms, django-filer and others.


Django Suit theme is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 license.

As long as you do not use the Django Suit in a business or money-making venture, it is free for your own personal use.
Non-commercial FREE
Single commercial project $45
Unlimited commercial projects $150
OEM integrator licence $400
Check out the demo and see all the features for yourself.
Use "demo" for both username and password fields.

Django Suit Configurable menu
Configurable menu

Reorder menu and set icons for your apps.
Collapsible with sub-navigation on hover.

Django Suit Configurable menu
Horizontal filters

Filters with huge amount of options now feel usable. Combine few of them and only then perform search.

Django Suit Sorting
Sorting for lists and inlines

Handy sorting with arrows for lists, tabular inlines and even django-mptt trees.

Django Suit Tabs

Separate form fields, fieldsets and inlines into tabs.

Django Suit Smart pagination
Smart pagination

Go straight to first and last page even with hundreds of pages.

Django Suit Improved date/time widgets
Improved date/time widgets

Use improved original date/time widgets with original JS or replace with alternatives like Bootstrap DatePicker as shown in demo.

Django Suit
"Linked" selects

Use LinkedSelect widget and link to chosen item will appear automatically.

Django Suit
Based on Twitter Bootstrap

Use any Twitter Bootstrap element in Django Suit theme.

Django Suit
Support for original components, inlines, etc.

Django Suit fully replaces original admin.
If used with custom templates or highly extended admin there might be some templating issues, but usually they can be easily fixed.

Django Suit list row and cell attributes
List row and cell attributes

Easily customize and style list rows and cells based on object instance.

Django Suit 3rd party: django-cms, django-filer
3rd party application support

Currently Django Suit supports:
Django CMS, Django Filer, Django MPTT, Django Reversion.

Suggest new apps you would like to be supported here. Examples on supported apps are in documentation



Suit up your Django in few simple steps: Getting Started


See Github Changelog



From the maker of Django Suit: Growth Race